Dynamic bound states in the continuum

TitleDynamic bound states in the continuum
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsK Fan,, and WJ Padilla
Start Page169
Pagination169 - 173
Date Published02/2019

All-dielectric metasurfaces are a versatile platform to investigate a host of unconventional physical scattering responses. Effects, including high absorption and Huygens’ surfaces, have been demonstrated; however, a more exotic materialization-termed bound states in the continuum (BSC s )-exists and consists of nonradiating localized waves that lie within the energy spectrum of the continuum. Here we experimentally demonstrate a dynamic BSC at terahertz frequencies that realizes a material-limited high-quality factor (Q) resonance Q = 8.7 × 10 3 , which may be modified by over 2 orders of magnitude through photodoping with band gap light. We elucidate the nature of the BSC resonance, and our experimental results are well supported by eigenvalue and S-parameter simulations. The demonstrated system and underlying theory establish a path to realize extremely high-Q dynamic resonances, which may be useful for detection of hazardous materials and frequency-diverse imaging.

Short TitleOptica